Encouragement to Continue to Shine Brightly, Even When we Fall Short

David, Jonah, Samson, Peter, Paul. 

The Bible is filled with men { and women} who genuinely loved God and wanted to please Him, although all of these men sinned. 

David was known as “A man after God’s own heart,” yet, he succumbed to lust, committed adultery and arranged a killing. 

Jonah surrendered to God’s call to minister, but only on his terms. He so hated going to Nineveh to preach that in anger he asked God to just let him die.  

God empowered Samson with extraordinary strength, but he chose pleasing a woman over keeping his Nazarite vows and ended up in bondage.

And there’s Peter, a disciple of Christ who left everything to follow Jesus.   Even so, before Jesus’s crucifixion, he not only denied knowing Jesus once, but three times. He totally caved.

I believe that the accounts of men and women throughout Scripture are there as examples to His children, both to follow and to avoid, and have come to realize that no matter how close their relationships were to God, Biblical “heroes” were still humans who sinned, even those in the Hall of Faith of Hebrews 11.  Peter, who literally walked with Jesus, struggled with self-control, and the Apostle Paul wrote plainly about his personal battle to always do right.  So, where does that leave us?

Although the battle for our souls was won the moment we trusted Jesus Christ as Savior, spiritual warfare will be waged until Jesus returns and God throws the Devil into the lake of fire.  (I get pretty excited thinking about that!) The Prince of this World is the undeniable enemy of God who will do everything in his power to separate us from the love of Christ.

The beguiler tempts and accuses us at every turn as we walk with the Lord.  He is the Serpent on the footpath who causes us to stumble and fall, for his aim is to hinder us from sharing the Good News and to fellowship with the Lord. When we live in darkness, the Enemy leaves us to suffer the consequences of our sin; he has us exactly where he wants us. 

In stark contrast, when we endeavor to live for Christ, read God’s Word and obey it, pray and confess our sin, fellowship and worship with Believers and shine our lights before others, the Prince of this World springs into action like a roaring lion on the prowl, looking to devour us.  1 Peter 5:8 Nonetheless, God, who is in us, is greater than the Power of Darkness, for His power is infinite. 

Matthew 5:14 tells us that we are the light of the world.  I pray that you will not allow the Enemy to extinguish your flame.  Hold fast God’s Word in your heart, the light of Truth. Live in the assurance that you are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and have been set free from the guilt of sin.  And never forget that God loves you and desires for you to enjoy Him now and forever. Forever!

Are you eager to silence the lies of the Enemy, walking in the Truth of God’s Word? Grab a copy of: ” Beyond the Noise, Silencing the Deceiver in a Loud World of Lies.” We do not have to live in darkness and defeat, but can walk in light and truth.

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