Hey, Let’s Talk.

I’m Laura, a Christian life coach. I help multi-tasking moms feel equipped to manage careers, motherhood, and faith, providing clear direction and guidance, so that they can chase their big dreams and find peace and calm in their homes. I’m not just here to give you advice, I energize and tackle your greatest goals.

I want to Help!

  • Do you want to cultivate a God-centered lifestyle but don’t know how?
  • Do you desire for schedules and routines but lack organization?
  • Do you find yourself crippled by daily decision-making?
  • Are you stuck in a rut of self-doubt, procrastination, and feelings of being overwhelmed?
  • Are you exhausted because you are juggling too many priorities?
  • Do you find yourself dreaming big but don’t know how to take the first step?
  • Do you struggle with the details of getting from start to finish? 
  • Is there a tug to pursue a promotion, a new job, or perhaps a different career but you are anxious to make a move?

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As your coach, I will equip and encourage you with God-centered tools, a clear plan of action, and practical strategies to achieve your goals.

Schedule a free 15-minute call to learn more.

How Can We Work Together?

Life Coaching (4-6 Sessions)One-Time Coaching Session (2 hrs)
-Examine priorities against personal beliefs and goals
-Uncover underlying “lie” that holds us back from our potential
-Identify stressful situations, emotional triggers, and personal pitfalls
-Develop a plan of action to achieve short and long term goals
-Establish routines and schedules that help move from chaos to calm
-Determine how to use your strength and weaknesses to your advantage
-Build a personal plan of execution
-Accountability and task-driven takeaways
-Discuss current pain points, problem areas, and potential threats
-Walkthrough pros and cons/potential outcomes for decision making
-Brainstorm/Planing session on a task 
-Design a plan to achieve a specific goal aligning with your schedule
-Curate a list of resources and specialists to fulfill long-term needs
-Best practices for Time Management and Organization
-Analysis of priorities, goals, and vision
-Develop a personal plan for deeper Bible study and application
* hourly sessions are $60 and 2-hour sessions are $110

What’s Included:

crop woman filling calendar for month
  • A clear plan of execution 
  • An outline of attainable goals and timelines
  • Practical tools for organization and time management
  • Tips for better time management and resource allocation
  • Clarity in the decision making 
  • Address and provide recommendations based of current season of life
  • Established routines and rhythms for a calmer and peaceful life
  • Learn to filter life through a biblical lens

SCHEDULE A FREE 15-minute Call

Let’s chat for 15 minutes, and see how we can work together. Let’s talk about what big plans or desires you have for your life. I’ll briefly provide a few action items and develop a plan to address your pain points. No strings attached, let’s take the next step!

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