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Choosing Grace in Everything

This devotion originally appeared on Proverbs 31 Encouragement for Today. Crash! My stomach lurched as I sprinted into the bedroom where my 14-month-old daughter greeted me with a toothy grin. There on the littered floor, she played among a fallen lamp with a couple of scattered, small picture frames — and all the contents from… Continue reading Choosing Grace in Everything

Equip our Minds, Missional Motherhood

Hello God? Are you Listening?

Devotion first appeared on Choosing Him Ministries. I wearily walked back into the restaurant, my thoughts dark and my heart heavy. Suddenly, our server appeared with a note—a note with the exact words I needed at that very moment. It wasn't a coincidence. It wasn't just a random act of kindness. It was God speaking… Continue reading Hello God? Are you Listening?

Missional Motherhood

Attitude is Everything

While I was growing up, my parents constantly reminded me to remember my manners and to mind my attitude.  Attitude. See, I’ve been “attitude - challenged” since an early age. When things go MY way I am as happy as a clam, but when things go differently or someone steps in my way, I get… Continue reading Attitude is Everything

Missional Motherhood

Manage Your Schedule before it Manages You

During a recent conversation with a friend, she lamented, “I feel so out of whack; I just can’t seem to get myself or my children on a schedule.”  Chuckling, I replied, “I can’t seem to get myself off of a schedule.”  My love for all things structured and pre-planned comes honestly, for I come from… Continue reading Manage Your Schedule before it Manages You

Missional Motherhood

It Takes A Village

Recently, I read an article stating that America is actually one of the few cultures in the world that tends to rear families tightly within their nuclear unit.  In many other cultures several generations live in the same house, or at the very most, within a stone’s throw. However, I have noticed more American women… Continue reading It Takes A Village

Missional Motherhood

Thank you for being a Mother first, Friend second

“I do not even believe in God. There is no such thing as Heaven and Hell!” I was 14 years old, screaming down to my mother during one of our routine mother-daughter disagreements. I am not even sure what we were arguing about that particular day; however, I am sure it had something to do… Continue reading Thank you for being a Mother first, Friend second

Missional Motherhood

More Toys do not Make Happier Children

  My first baby shower was perfect.  There were so many gifts that I couldn’t fit them all in my car, so I had to make two trips back to my hostess’ home to retrieve everything.  The baby in my womb already had enough toys, games, books and clothes to last until she was five… Continue reading More Toys do not Make Happier Children

Missional Motherhood

No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk

Although I appreciate a clean house and a clean car, I have never been one to regularly give anything the “white glove treatment.”  When friends say, “I just can’t sleep if there are dishes in the kitchen sink,” I used to think they needed to take a strong “chill pill.”  However, after my first child… Continue reading No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk

Missional Motherhood

Mommin’ it ain’t Easy

I have learned a lot since becoming a Mother.  In my mid-twenties, before marriage and parenthood, I asked God to help me to develop humility, selflessness, patience, and self-control.  You know how people say that God answers our prayers, but not always the way we hope – well, let me tell ya somethin’ -- never… Continue reading Mommin’ it ain’t Easy