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Does what I am doing even matter?

"Laura and I discuss her new book Beyond The Noise. We talk about those moments where we question and doubt ourselves, our purpose, and if we and who we are really matter." I enjoyed talking with Amy Debrucque, Life on Purpose Podcast, what a treat! Listen in Here.

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Oh, I wouldn’t eat off this Floor

Tidiness is not my strong suit, which a peek inside my car readily reveals.  Because I have an ultra Type A temperament and am borderline OCD in all things that involve planning and organization, people naturally assume that I am also a “clean-freak.”   Nope, unless it involves the color coordination of my calendar (red is… Continue reading Oh, I wouldn’t eat off this Floor

Missional Motherhood

When Only Momma will Do

After a six day vacation away with my husband, I was thrilled to see my girls when we arrived home.   Nothing warms the heart like two little ones screaming your name and jumping in your arms to give you the biggest hugs and kisses.  But like the pains of childbirth, quickly forgotten when your baby… Continue reading When Only Momma will Do

Heavenly Minded Lifestyle, Missional Motherhood

It’s No One Else’s Family But Yours

One of the most common topic mothers talk about when together is what other mothers do or don’t do.  Now I would love to tell you that this topic of conversation stems from genuine concern, just as prayer requests never become the subject of gossip, but that’s not always true, and you know it.  Surely,… Continue reading It’s No One Else’s Family But Yours

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Thank you for being a Mother first, Friend second

“I do not even believe in God. There is no such thing as Heaven and Hell!” I was 14 years old, screaming down to my mother during one of our routine mother-daughter disagreements. I am not even sure what we were arguing about that particular day; however, I am sure it had something to do… Continue reading Thank you for being a Mother first, Friend second

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Set Low Expectations

I love a good task list, and boy do I love a good long term goal, so bring it on!  Who are we kidding, I like daily goals, too --  any goal that I can jot down and later check off, or, my preference, mark with a fluorescent pink highlighter as COMPLETED just makes me… Continue reading Set Low Expectations