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Are you SURE there are no more Gifts?

Twirling in her white dress as the sun caught every highlight of blonde hair, my oldest daughter looked radiant. Her dress mirrored that of a young bride’s, and the joy emanating from her deep dimpled cheeks, exuberant. Today, her birthday, was about her, so we catered to her as if she were a bride, too. Surrounded by plenty of friends and family, she would celebrate in style. She had the dress, the party, and the gifts to enjoy. What more could a five-year-old want?

Missional Motherhood

More Toys do not Make Happier Children

  My first baby shower was perfect.  There were so many gifts that I couldn’t fit them all in my car, so I had to make two trips back to my hostess’ home to retrieve everything.  The baby in my womb already had enough toys, games, books and clothes to last until she was five… Continue reading More Toys do not Make Happier Children