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Why Does God Hate These 7 Things?

Have you ever wondered if God hates certain sins more than others? The Scriptures clearly express God’s disdain for sin. Sin entered the world through the rebellion of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Consequently, we are born sinners. We find redemption through Christ’s atoning work on the cross and placing our faith… Continue reading Why Does God Hate These 7 Things?

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4 Things God Reveals When We Pray for New Eyes

“Wow, l can read that sign! When did we get that new restaurant? Woah, I can see that person walking across the street!” A trip to the optometrist confirmed that I had needed major vision correction, so after wearing my new glasses for the first time, a whole new world seemed to suddenly appear right… Continue reading 4 Things God Reveals When We Pray for New Eyes

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3 Reasons Children Need to See Their Parents Wrestle with Their Faith

I've never been one to shy away from difficult conversations, believing that hard truths and awkward situations should be addressed swiftly and directly by using logic and facts. And then, I became a parent. Children ask tough questions—questions that need solid answers. In our family, our daughters' inquiries often revolve around the subject of faith.… Continue reading 3 Reasons Children Need to See Their Parents Wrestle with Their Faith

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Praying with the Bible- How to Pray Using God’s Word

I listened intently as beautiful words of praise and adoration flowed from the gentlemen's lips. His prayer was seamless, natural, as easy as talking to an old friend.  Why can't I pray like that? Why is my prayer such a struggle for me? When I come before God, my heart weighs heavy but my head… Continue reading Praying with the Bible- How to Pray Using God’s Word

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Resources to Grow Your Faith

I recently read the article by Brett McCracken, “ The Wisdom Pyramid,” and it challenged me to think about the information I consume. Does this steady stream of content fuel a God-honoring lifestyle, or does it offer a detour from my personal Bible study priority? We have an unlimited amount of content right at our… Continue reading Resources to Grow Your Faith

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How Do We Offer Ourselves as Living Sacrifices?

This devotion originally appeared on The Love Offering Blog, read full devotion Here. The blank sheet of paper taunted me as I walked into the classroom and took my seat. Begrudgingly, I listened as the teacher instructed, “Open your Bibles to Romans 12:1 and take a few minutes to meditate on this verse. Then, rewrite… Continue reading How Do We Offer Ourselves as Living Sacrifices?

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The Power of A Pause

When voted “most outspoken” my senior year of high school, I wore my brash and brazen verbal reputation as a badge of honor, saying practically anything I wanted — at any time I wanted. Oh the follies of youth..... Read More on the Blog

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Trusting God in the Dry Seasons

Excerpt from devotion written for Proverb's 31 Encouragement for Today Navigating the church’s halls with the giggles of rambunctious toddlers as my guide, I eagerly approached my daughter’s classroom. Peering in, she caught my eye — “Momma! I am dry bones; look at me come alive!” Music blared, and small limbs flailed in every direction… Continue reading Trusting God in the Dry Seasons

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Silencing Your Inner Critic

Despite the praise my parents poured into me, I never felt assured. Outwardly I appeared confident, but inwardly I was a complete mess. After years of telling myself I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, skinny enough or “fill-in-the-blank” enough, I began believing I’d never be enough for myself or anyone else. Our key verse, Isaiah 64:8, declares we are intentionally and purposefully sculpted: “But now, O LORD, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand.” God views us as His work of art — His masterpiece.

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Running on Empty

Yes! I made it with only five miles left to go until empty.  Blinking , yellow gas warning,  you will not get the best of me.  Probably not the wisest decision considering my four and two-year-old were in the car with me at the time.  But, wake a baby from a nap on an eight-hour… Continue reading Running on Empty