Y’all this book is the best when it comes to really understanding Spiritual Warfare. So many books I have read in the past seem to really complicate the issue. Girl do yourself a favor and arm yourself with the truth this book will bring to your life. Oh, and while you are at, grab any other book Havillah Cunningham has written.

This book was my saving grace when I entered my role as a full time stay at home mom. The transition was not easy for me, and this book really opened my eyes to how God sees motherhood. If you are struggling to find the joy in everyday motherhood, grab this book. Through marathon nursing sessions, I promise you will be able to finish it in record time.

Ever wonder why God would put a desire so strong in your heart, but yet it just wasn’t the right time? I have been there. If you feel stuck, perhaps maybe God has forgotten you, do yourself a favor and grab this book. Sarah Mae encourages readers to embrace the path God has set before us all while enjoy the present.

Not your typical parenting book, this is not just another list of do’s and dont’s. Tripp illustrates the importance of releasing our children to God. If we truly believe they are His and not ours, we will be able to keep the fears and anxiousness of parenting under control.