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Are you SURE there are no more Gifts?

Twirling in her white dress as the sun caught every highlight of blonde hair, my oldest daughter looked radiant. Her dress mirrored that of a young bride’s, and the joy emanating from her deep dimpled cheeks, exuberant. Today, her birthday, was about her, so we catered to her as if she were a bride, too. Surrounded by plenty of friends and family, she would celebrate in style. She had the dress, the party, and the gifts to enjoy. What more could a five-year-old want?

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Lord, that was supposed be MY Blessing

“Seriously, they chose HER to be the next director?” I thought while walking into the breakroom after learning this news. Once there, it was like being back in high school where the popular girls, my so-called friends, dissected their latest victim, not much differently from the frog we had just left displayed in the science lab. Although I knew this was wrong, I kept my mouth shut, thankful not to be the subject of their venomous remarks. I figured that teenage girls naturally outgrew this kind of catty talk only to discover that women elevated it into full-blown verbal assaults.

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Remaining in Jesus from Dawn to Dusk

Guest Post by Jennifer H. Yates @ www.JenniferHYates.com I’ve never been much for wearing hats. Don’t get me wrong; I like hats. They look great on other people. Me—not so much. But truthfully, I wear a lot of hats. I bet you do, too. As women, we often serve many roles: wife, mother, daughter, sister,… Continue reading Remaining in Jesus from Dawn to Dusk

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Want to host a Bible Study but don’t know where to start?

You feel that God has called you to lead or host a Bible study. But, you have no idea where to start! Join me on the blog where I help answer some of the questions around choosing a Bible study as well as provide a review of my favorite books and guides.

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You can Run, but You can’t Hide

Where is he? I thought his plane landed thirty minutes ago. Why is he not at the arrival gate? I frantically paced in front of the ARRIVALS sign.Finally, I caught a wave of copper hair and my brother's wide, dimpled smile. “Hey, Sis, have you been waiting long?” LOADED QUESTION. Read More on the Blog....

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Sometimes it’s worth the Fight

Flopping onto my bed, I began my nightly ritual of critiquing my day’s parenting performance. How do I know I am making the right choices for my girls? Am I going to mess them up? Will they still love me, even when they don’t always like me, like today? Read More on the Blog......

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I think you have the Wrong Gal, Lord

I have been quiet the past few weeks but  would now like to share with you a bit about what is going on in my world.  Many of you already know that I will be attending the Proverbs 31 Ministries Conference She Speaks at the end of July.  There I will have the opportunity to… Continue reading I think you have the Wrong Gal, Lord

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It’s No One Else’s Family But Yours

One of the most common topic mothers talk about when together is what other mothers do or don’t do.  Now I would love to tell you that this topic of conversation stems from genuine concern, just as prayer requests never become the subject of gossip, but that’s not always true, and you know it.  Surely,… Continue reading It’s No One Else’s Family But Yours

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Where’s My Gold Star?

  It is no secret that I have always been the teacher’s pet.  I went to class prepared, sat up front, answered questions, showed respect and never missed because I like “gold stars” by my name.   My quest to be the favorite later extended to bosses and managers, basically anyone in authority. Naturally, it excluded… Continue reading Where’s My Gold Star?

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It’s Someone Else’s Turn

    I am  tired.  January was some, long month, which seemed to  last forever!  The calendar is wrong -- January definitely has more than 31 days, don’t you agree?   Within two weeks of the new year I went to three funerals, both my girls were sick, I couldn’t shake a cold I got on… Continue reading It’s Someone Else’s Turn