Beyond The Noise

Women tend to over-think practically everything, so it can be quite scary for most of us to be left alone with our thoughts. We long for strong, intimate relationships with our Heavenly Father, daily striving to live for His glory and enjoy life in Christ. However, just when we discover the blessed assurance of standing firm in the Lord, we falter, once again, caught up in Satan’s vortex of doubt, fear and guilt.

You’re not alone.

Satan is a lying spirit. Beginning with Eve, he’s been on a mission to deceive and destroy Christian women everywhere, everyday. Beyond the Noise explores ten lies Satan, the deceiver, wants us to believe so we live in darkness and defeat instead of the light and power of the Truth.

Readers will readily recognize and relate to the deceit and trickery of the old serpent and will receive Biblical principles and insights to stand firm and fight the perpetual, daily battles against the wicked one.
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