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How God Comforts Us

Hey Friends! If you are joining me today from Proverbs 31 Encouragement for Today Devotions, welcome. I am truly humbled you are joining me in this space, and pray you are encouraged and blessed by today's devotion! Looking for the FREE resources that go along with today's devotion, How God Comfort Us? Click below! I… Continue reading How God Comforts Us

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5 Things to Remember When Your Children Ask Tough Questions

I recently read that the average American spends about an hour a day in the car. For mothers of school-aged children, the amount doubled. And in some cases, the amount of time tripled, which led me to question if I was making the most of "car time" with my children. Answer: not often enough, so… Continue reading 5 Things to Remember When Your Children Ask Tough Questions

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Are You Living Off Borrowed Faith?

I sensed something weighing on my friend's mind as we sat talking for nearly two hours, our coffee running out long before our conversation. "I feel like I’m living off of borrowed faith,” she confessed. Intently gazing into the empty cup before her, she anxiously waited for me to respond. “Yes. I know what you… Continue reading Are You Living Off Borrowed Faith?

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How You and Your Spouse Can be Quick to Forgive in Your Marriage

No one welcomes unsolicited advice, especially when the subject of critique happens to be about “things” in our marriage. Although I've come to accept that most people mean well, their sweet sentiments and quick quips just don't go down easily for my husband and me. However, two “nuggets” of wise counsel given early in our… Continue reading How You and Your Spouse Can be Quick to Forgive in Your Marriage

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Did She Really Just Say that to Me?

Hello Friends! What a treat to have you visiting with me today, thank you for reading along, I pray you were encouraged today. Click Here to download the "10 Prayers to Help You Stay Calm When Life Heats Up" printable. I would love to hear from you, let's connect on Facebook, Instagram, or shoot me… Continue reading Did She Really Just Say that to Me?

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Uncomplicating your Prayer Life

Hello! Thank you for joining me today, as we discuss how to uncomplicate our prayer lives. ( full devotion below) I've created this free PDF of the Lord's Prayer, I hope you enjoy! Click here to download. DOWNLOAD PRINT "Uncomplicated Your Prayer Life" Proverb's 31 Encouragement for Today. “One day Jesus was praying in a… Continue reading Uncomplicating your Prayer Life

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Resources to Grow Your Faith

I recently read the article by Brett McCracken, “ The Wisdom Pyramid,” and it challenged me to think about the information I consume. Does this steady stream of content fuel a God-honoring lifestyle, or does it offer a detour from my personal Bible study priority? We have an unlimited amount of content right at our… Continue reading Resources to Grow Your Faith

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Three Ways to Share the Gospel Without Leaving Your Home

Sweat-soaked palms gripped my shorts as I silently prayed, "Please don't pick me, please don't pick me." I was twelve years old, on my first mission trip, and I was petrified. Our youth pastor had divided us into two teams: one to remain and work at the church; the other to go out and "evangelize." Odd glances and awkward conversations in sweltering 100 degree weather? No thank you..... Do you ever struggle to share the Gospel message? Join me on the blog for some encouragement and practical ways to share the Good News of Salvation!

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How Do We Offer Ourselves as Living Sacrifices?

This devotion originally appeared on The Love Offering Blog, read full devotion Here. The blank sheet of paper taunted me as I walked into the classroom and took my seat. Begrudgingly, I listened as the teacher instructed, “Open your Bibles to Romans 12:1 and take a few minutes to meditate on this verse. Then, rewrite… Continue reading How Do We Offer Ourselves as Living Sacrifices?