Laura Bailey spent nearly a decade building her life on fleeting happiness offered by the Prince of this World and succumbing to his lies.   Although she grew up going to church and knew about God since childhood, it was not until she completely surrendered herself at the Cross that Christ transformed her heart and set her mind on things eternal.   Developing a passion for God’s Word, she soon found herself engulfed in spiritual warfare as Satan, the Father of Lies, began to hurl darts of doubt and despair to thwart her walk by faith.

Trading in her power pumps and successful career in sales for yoga pants and role as full-time mom, Laura is learning to embrace small-town, rural life on twenty-five acres that she never envisioned for herself.   At any given time you can find her baking her famous lemon-loaf for a shut-in, sipping strong, black coffee with a friend, frying home-grown okra for her husband, or reading in her silliest voice to her girls. Deeply burdened for Christian women who, like herself, juggle marriage, motherhood, careers, church and community, Laura candidly shares her own daily struggles and lessons learned to encourage them to keep their candles burning in this dark, lost world.   She writes with honesty and humor from her laundry room at LauraRBailey.com

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