I wanted all the benefits of a relationship with God without completely surrendering my life to Him. I lived both in the world and of it, while trying to maintain the appearance of a good Christian. That double life led to constant inner conflict and turmoil, but all that changed when I handed over the reigns to the Lord and surrendered my will to Him in every aspect.

 Soon, I began to comprehend what matchless grace and mercy God had bestowed on me, a real sinner — He saved me, not only from an eternity separated from Him, but also from many consequences of my sinful lifestyle.  I continue to battle the desires of the flesh and the Enemy, Satan, who seeks to prevent me from telling others about God’s wonderful grace and mercy, free to us at the cost of His son’s life.  

Daily, I make the choice to die to myself and let Christ rule my heart and mind for every thought and action. After many years of believing Satan’s lie that giving my life to Christ meant a life without pleasure and “good” things, I discovered quite the opposite — the more I decrease and He increases, the richer and more abundant my life becomes

Trading in her power pumps and successful career in sales for yoga pants and role as full-time mom, Laura is learning to embrace small-town, rural life on twenty-five acres that she never envisioned for herself.   At any given time you can find her baking her famous lemon-loaf for a shut-in, sipping strong, black coffee with a friend, frying home-grown okra for her husband, or reading in her silliest voice to her girls.

Deeply burdened for Christian women who, like herself, juggle marriage, motherhood, careers, church and community, Laura candidly shares her own daily struggles and lessons learned to encourage them live fully and abundantly in Christ.   She writes with honesty and humor from her laundry room at http://www.laurarbailey.com