Words of Wisdom for the Future Generation of Women

I have three young daughters. 

A family outing isn’t complete without hearing comments like, “You’ve got your hands full,” or “Whew, Dad, those teenage years are going to be tough,” or my personal favorite, “What pretty little girls; they’re going to be heartbreakers, for sure.”

Molding today’s young girls into tomorrow’s mature women is significantly more challenging than any of the above mentioned remarks. With daily assaults on marriage and the family and confusion regarding gender identity, our daughters are growing up in a time openly hostile toward Christians who adhere to God’s design for men and women and their intended roles in His kingdom. Thus, it is incumbent that Christian parents instill in their children (in this case, daughters), the divine purpose of their very existence, the Truth of who they are and whose they are.

It is never too early (or too late) for parents who desire to raise up the next generation of Christ-honoring women to imprint important precepts upon the hearts and minds of their daughters. They must hear us speak wisdom words to them, and we must repeat them often.

Identify Yourself in Christ First and Foremost

During a quick scroll through social media, it’s hard to miss the standard message,” You be You!” On the surface, this phrase may seem as though it promotes gratitude for how God uniquely made us. However, the message really encourages one to look inward instead of upward for our identity, defining us by what we do instead of who we are in Christ. When we accept Christ as the one who died and rose again to take away our sins, we become new creations in Christ, co-heirs with the Son of God (Romans 8:17). That said, it is all important to resist the temptation to define yourself by the world’s descriptors when you are a daughter of the King of King and Lord of Lords!

I’ve struggled with self-worth from a young age, relying on relationships and job titles as my source of happiness, which never lasted. More often than not, jobs bring discouragement, marriage disappointment, and motherhood  depression. Yes, they can be very gratifying, providing a strong sense of belonging and personal value, but neither bosses, husbands, nor children will satisfy us the way a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will do. Thankfully, the Lord doesn’t require us to search, strive, or secure our identity through relationships, careers or dress size.

“You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever.” (Psalm 16:11)


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