5 Things to Remember When Your Children Ask Tough Questions

I recently read that the average American spends about an hour a day in the car. For mothers of school-aged children, the amount doubled. And in some cases, the amount of time tripled, which led me to question if I was making the most of “car time” with my children. Answer: not often enough, so thinking that this time together would foster Scripture memory and elicit exciting conversation about the Bible, we began listening to the Bible during our commutes.

All was going well, until … 

One day my daughter hit me with some deep theological questions: “Why did God create humans if He knew they would sin?” and “Why do bad things happen if God is in control of everything?” “If God loves people, why do some people go to Hell?” Okay, I get it; I have a lot of questions, too. There are numerous things in the Bible that I can’t wrap my head around and struggle to accept by mere faith.

As Christian parents, we have two choices when our children come to us with questions about God, the Bible, and spiritual matters in general: we can dispense a bandaid (quick Sunday School answer) and pray that suffices, or we can grab our toolbox (Bibles) and get to work!


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