Are You Living Off Borrowed Faith?

sad young black woman sitting on windowsill and looking away pensively

I sensed something weighing on my friend’s mind as we sat talking for nearly two hours, our coffee running out long before our conversation. “I feel like I’m living off of borrowed faith,” she confessed. Intently gazing into the empty cup before her, she anxiously waited for me to respond.

“Yes. I know what you mean.”

Growing up, my parents modeled Christian faith in action. Church attendance wasn’t an option in our home; it was just what we did every Sunday and throughout the week. So, at a young age I realized that I was a sinner and asked Jesus, who never sinned, to save me. But, by mid-adolescence, living a Christian lifestyle didn’t interest me, so I began to wander aimlessly in a spiritual wasteland for over a decade. However, during that time, I never doubted God’s existence or denied that I was a sinner.

Fast forward: by the time I reached my late twenties, the Lord, full of grace and mercy, drew me back into His fold, and I surrendered the throne of my life to Him. Not only had I trusted Jesus and received His forgiveness, now I sincerely wanted to follow Christ. The Holy Spirit had placed in me a ravenous desire for God’s Word, but the more deeply I delved into Scripture, the more questions about true Christianity and biblical faith emerged.


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