When We Don’t Have the Answers

 “ Momma, when can I go back to school and see my teachers and friends?”

“Momma, why do we have to drop Grandma’s dinner off on her porch?”

“ Momma, why are we not going to church on Sunday?”

“ Momma, why can’t I ask our neighbor over to play?”

“Momma, why can’t I go with you to the grocery store?”

“Momma, what is social distancing?”

“ Momma, what is the coronavirus?”

“Momma, am I going to die?”

My daughter is only six, but her questions have always been challenging to answer. I haven’t been trying to leave her out of the loop purposefully, but I am her mom, it is my job to protect her, right? The truth is, sweet baby girl; Mom has the same questions. At night when the house is quiet when everyone is sleeping, my mind races, uncertainty takes control.

“Lord, when will we be able to interact with others?”

“Lord, do my grandmothers know they are loved? “

“Lord, when will we be able to fellowship in Your house?”

“Lord,  when can we enjoy a meal with our friends?”

“Lord, will I be safe leaving the house?”

“Lord, what will happen to those exposed?”

“Lord, when will this virus stop spreading?”

“Lord, are we going to be okay?”

Momma, this is where our faith takes action. We can lay down the weight of having all the answers for our little ones and ourselves. We can calmly tell our children, “ I don’t know, but I know Who does.”

 We have the opportunity to show our children that our faith is more than memorizing Bible verses for candy, picking out the right colors for Joseph’s coat, or singing praise songs while waiting for their parents. We read the Bible because it is where we find God’s words to His children. Yes, little one, even momma is a child in God’s eyes.

We learn from the men and women in the Bible how to live our lives. We sing and dance, and shout praises to God because He is good, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

When we are weary­­—a foreseeable reality— let us relinquish our burdens to the One who willingly bears the weight.  As we continue to walk through uncertain times, seek God, read His Word, and trust that He is in control. That is for certain.

I the LORD do not change. So you, the descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed.”

Malachi 3:6 (NIV)

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