Trusting God in the Dry Seasons

Excerpt from devotion written for Proverb’s 31 Encouragement for Today

Navigating the church’s halls with the giggles of rambunctious toddlers as my guide, I eagerly approached my daughter’s classroom. Peering in, she caught my eye — “Momma! I am dry bones; look at me come alive!”

Music blared, and small limbs flailed in every direction as they sang, “Ezekiel cried them dry bones. Ezekiel cried them dry bones. Ezekiel cried them dry bones. Oh, hear the words of the Lord!” We parents joined our tots in singing and dancing.

As I tucked my daughter into bed that night, I thanked her for inviting me to be a part of her Sunday school lesson. And I confessed my momma’s heart had been heavy, but her invitation to sing and dance had lifted my spirits. With sleepy eyelids, she whispered: “When life is hard, we can trust in God.” 


2 responses to “Trusting God in the Dry Seasons”

  1. I am glad you are back posting; I’m still reading past ones.
    things are still hectic here but Tom sees eye surgeon this week so that will help us get the surgery started. Praying the Lord will direct the hands of the surgeon and that Tom is healthy enough to have surgery.
    Keep pushing upward. Love,


  2. Keep up the good work to enable people tp grow and mature in Christ. We all could not live a minute without Him.
    Love forever,


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